CATV Power Supply T-former(US,EP PATENT)

SAFECOM P.S is an high- efficiency power supply, specifically developed for the advanced operation of optical nodes & line amplifiers in CATV distribution systems. With around double the lifetime of legacy Ferro-resonant products, delivering energy savings of at least 8% energy compared to standard systems, Its modular design enables optional upgrade such as phase changer, Surge protector 140KA or DC-AC inverter. That helps operators reduce network expenditure at capital as well as operational levels. 

                               Compare Ferro & Safecom technology
Outdate Ferro - resonant P.S
            SAFECOM P.S
Power Efficiently
Average 85%  
Acoustical Noise
Extremely Noisy
No Noise
Working life
Less Than 7 Years
Voltage Shape
Poor and not stable trapeze 
 Pure Sinus
RF Noise
Extremely High
NO RF Noise 
Inrush Current 
Extremely High 

Soft start - No inrush current  

  • DOCSIS® & EuroDOCSIS Status Monitoring Embedded Transponder
from 380VA,900VA,1080VA,1800,2200 VA (Dual ports)
  Based on Zero Crossing PURE AC/AC stabilized sine wave technology.
  The Best option for central & remote powering.
  Indoor & outdoor housing 

  Savings about 8% energy compared to Ferro P.S 
  Savings of at least 5% energy compared to standard systems.

    Thanks to its patented zero crossing Voltage stabilizer technology, Safecom's advanced electronic controller automatically monitors and compensates for any changes to line voltage - eliminating negative Inrush current side effects resulting from utility power recovery. In addition, it operates in complete silence - solving noise and vibration problems inherent in existing products. This is increasingly important in highly populated areas where power supply devices are often mounted nearby the buildings. T-Former is designed to work at a wide range of temperatures and humidity without maintenance, at full power capacity 

T-former P.S ordering information.

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