Dual Input & Dual Output 2 X 15A 60-87V

  Dual Port P.S 2200VA 25A 60,72,87V (2 x15A).



Latest Dual SAFECOM P.S based of patented stabilized linear transformer enable to provide the CATV network pure steadied voltage without any RF & acoustical noises while offering top efficiency. New technology offers strongest surge suppressor 140KA & 2 separate AC inputs (APC) using Automatic Phase Changer.  Professionally developed to advanced operation of active devices in CATV Optical & HFC distribution systems


140KA Surge Suppressor.
2 AC Inputs &Auto Phase Changer(APC).
Soft Start.
Inrush current protection. (Max 10A)
Electronic Over load. protection,
Electronic Short Circuit. protection.
Designed for Unlimited life time.
No Saturation.
Double Power output 2X 15A
 IP Monitoring. 





Safecom's Patented stabilized Linear CATV P.S

Ferro resonant P.S (OLD Technology )

Magnetic working curve

Always at LINEAR STATE ( excellent )  - NO SATURATION.

Deep  SATURATION  state.

Input voltage range

100-150Vac (US)  180-270V ac (EU).

100-150Vac (US)  180-270V ac (EU).

Input inrush current

Limited with electronic circuit to single pulse of 5A- soft start.

High Impulse of 100A.


95% for 100% load,, 90%  for 30% load.

90% for 100% load , 80% for 30% load.

Output voltage stability Vs. Input voltage change

Stabilized by Electronic controller to provide ±4% Output. change  Vs . ±15% Input change  //  Optional ±25%.

Stabilized by Saturation.

4% Output change    Vs. ±15% Input change.

Output voltage waveform

Pure sine wave.

Poor Quasi-square wave.

RF noise

No RF noise.

Poor Quasi-square wave.

Output voltage stability Vs. Input frequency change

Input Frequency range ±25 %.

The output level does not affected by input frequency .

InputFrequency range ±2 % only   

The output changes  ±2% for change of ±1Hz, in-order to keep output stability of ±4%.

Output current

Output  current is limited by an accurate electronic current limiter & by output & input Fuse &circuit breaker.

Limited to twice of the nominal current.

Puts all connectors & coax cable in danger of burn.

Acoustic noise, Vibration

No Acoustic noise & no Vibration.

Very high due to the magnetizing force needed to keep the transformer in saturation.

Internal temperature

No extra heat, the temperature is proportional to the output load , Max measured temp inside  transformer .- 80 o c.

Generates high heat in the process of keeping the magnetic circuit in saturation.

 Generates high temperature even without load.  Max measured temp.- 200 o c.


Embedded IP monitoring system .

None for non standby-P.S /Optional only for UPS.


140KA (8/20us).



Auto AC Input Select .



3 years (Min)

1 year (typically )

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