Dual Input & Dual Output 2 X 15A 60-87V

  Dual Port P.S 2200VA 25A 60,72,87V (2 x15A).



Latest Dual T-Former series P.S based of safecom’s patented stabilized linear transformer enable to provide the CATV network pure steadied voltage without any RF & acoustical noises while offering top efficiency. New technology offers strongest surge suppressor 140KA & 2 separate AC inputs (APC) using Automatic Phase Changer.  Professionally developed to advanced operation of active devices in CATV Optical & HFC distribution systems

ü140KA Surge Suppressor.
ü2 AC Inputs &Auto Phase Changer(APC).
üSoft Start.
üInrush current protection. (Max 10A)
üElectronic Over load. protection,
üElectronic Short Circuit. protection.
üDesigned for Unlimited life time.
üNo Saturation.
üDouble Power output 2X 15A
ü IP Monitoring. 




Safecom'sPatentedstabilized Linear CATV P.S

Ferro resonant P.S (OLD Technology)

Magnetic working curve

Always atLINEAR STATE( excellent)  - NO SATURATION.

Deep  SATURATION  state.

Input voltage range

100-150Vac (US)  180-270V ac (EU).

100-150Vac (US)  180-270V ac (EU).

Input inrush current

Limited with electronic circuit to single pulse of 5A- soft start.

HighImpulse of 100A.


95% for 100% load,, 90%  for 30% load.

90% for 100% load , 80% for 30% load.

Output voltage stability Vs. Input voltage change

Stabilized by Electronic controller to provide ±4% Output. change  Vs. ±15% Input change  //  Optional ±25%.

Stabilized by Saturation.

4% Output change   Vs. ±15% Input change.

Output voltage waveform

Pure sine wave.

Poor Quasi-square wave.

RF noise

No RF noise.

Poor Quasi-square wave.

Output voltage stability Vs. Input frequency change

Input Frequency range ±25%.

The output level does not affected by input frequency.

InputFrequency range ±2% only  

The output changes  ±2% for change of ±1Hz, in-order to keep output stability of ±4%.

Output current

Output  current is limited by an accurate electronic current limiter & by output & input Fuse &circuit breaker.

Limited to twice of the nominal current.

Puts all connectors & coax cable in danger of burn.

Acoustic noise,Vibration

No Acoustic noise & no Vibration.

Very high due to the magnetizing force needed to keep the transformer in saturation.

Internal temperature

No extra heat, the temperature is proportional to the output load , Max measured temp inside  transformer .- 80oc.

Generates high heat in the process of keeping the magnetic circuit in saturation.

 Generates high temperature even without load.  Max measured temp.- 200oc.


Embedded IP monitoring system.

None for non standby-P.S /Optional only for UPS.


140KA (8/20us).



Auto AC Input Select.



3 years (Min)

1 year (typically )

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