Dual output 1350VA 63,75,87V

Latest safecom’s series P.S based on patented stabilized linear transformer enable to provide the CATV network pure sinus voltage without any RF & acoustical noises while offering top efficiency. New technology offers highest efficiency & low temperature with top reliability.  

This new model has two outputs offering all range of voltage standards. Specifically developed for the advanced operation of active devices in CATV distribution systems.

Designed for lifetime operation. 

63,75,87V output 15A. 1350VA
Input voltage 220,230,240V 50/60Hz
Zero Crossing stabilized technology
Compact size  
15A Electronic overload protection    
For hanging or shelf-lain mounting
Soft Start
Inrush current protection
No Saturation , No Noise
Closed Cabinet Installed with 1 special bracket
Voltage test point each output                    

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