Company Profile

Safecom provides advanced and innovative powering backup systems and technologies for blocking upstream RF noise that interferes with Internet and VoIP connections.  Using our products, CATV operators can save millions of dollars each year, and at the same time dramatically increase network performances & reliability.   Cleaning the upstream path and eliminating powering problems, enables higher Internet speeds and perfect RF & Data transmission.  Safecom’s powering solutions eliminate the need for expensive batteries and UPS, and offer unlimited backup power for all network active devices.   Extending Internet and RF performance of existing systems, provides Operators with an immediate alternative to upgrading their networks to fiber-to-the-home / building with almost no capital expenses or additional operational expenses. 

Successfully supplying the cable industry since 1994, Safecom's innovative technologies can be effectively employed in times of network expansion, when competing in the triple play VoIP, high speed internet and TV service markets, or simply to protect the existing subscriber-base.

Developed by a highly experienced team of professionals in cooperation with industry leaders, Safecom offers a comprehensive suite of state of the art products which include:

  • UPSTREAM NOISE BLOCKER Safecom's UPSTREAM NOISE BLOCKER is a revolutionary (Patent p) cost-effective RF noise suppression technology based on the patented IngressGate™ technology that enables CATV operators to optimize the upstream bandwidth and add advanced services with no interference by eliminating the RF and ingress noises reside in the upstream path.
  • Double Power Source v4 (DPS4) Safecom's DPS4 reduces cost per subscriber by saving up to 70% on power backup expenses. This widely proven patented technology eliminates the need for batteries and UPSs by turning existing coax infrastructure (whether in use or not) into a dynamic super power highway, making it the most cost effective network protection solution currently available.
  • Power Booster This patent pending solution solves the typical effect of voltage drop over the CATV distribution system. Reducing the number of power insertion points needed (and all the expenses associated with both deployment and operation), Safecom's Power Booster is the ideal solution for network expansion or to improve existing network power performance.
  • T-Former is a highly cost-effective and highly efficient, energy-saving power supply solution. With almost twice the lifetime of legacy Ferro-resonant products, delivering energy savings of at least 5%, and eliminating inrush current side effects during utility power recovery, Safecom's T-Former significantly improves both capital and operational costs.

In addition, Safecom produces a complete line of innovative high quality CATV products such as optical nodes , Drop Amplifiers with noise blocker,Outdoor and Indoor Splitters, Taps & Directional Couplers, Ground Blocks, Fiber Optic Nodes, as well as a unique 90-degree Digital-Ready Wall Socket.

All Safecom's advanced power supply solutions are manufactured in state of the art production facilities in Israel, while all passive and active devices are produced in China.

As part of the company's total dedication to quality, all 100% of Safecom products are thoroughly tested in the most rigorous manner prior to release from the production facilities – both in Israel and in China.


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