Company Profile

Since 1994 Safecom has been the alternative supplier of powering solutions for the Cable industry. Our proved Next Generation powering technologies have become the preferred alternative to the expensive and inefficient CATV battery backup applications

We solved the lack of battery backup reliability & efficacy by taking it from a different perspective and developing new technologies with our newest remote powering controller, Power Booster, Phase Changer, Surge Protectors, Docsis Transponders including the DPSv5, Synergy-2, PB-5G Dual Port Power Supply and more.

Whether CATV networks; FTTX or FTTN; your IP services; TV as well as future CATV+LTE integrated network - all rely on the most steady power solutions. Safecom's technologies create Next Generation powering solutions that provide the top level of reliability at the minimum investment without any maintenance


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