Signle Port T-Former PS 15A

Best Power Supply for CATV Network    

Output  1350VA -90V15A or 1080VA 15A 60,65,72V

Full DOCSIS® & EuroDOCSIS Status Monitoring Embedded Transponder.

  • US PATENT ZERO CROSSING technology- No switching & no relays.  

With around double the lifetime of old ferro-resonant products, delivering energy savings about 7% compared to standard systems, the stabilized AC voltage Patented T-Former  Power supply helps operators reduce network expenditure at capital as well as operational levels. Thanks to its patented sine wave stabilizer technology, the T-Former's advanced electronic controller automatically monitors and compensates for any changes to line voltage -eliminating negative Inrush current side effects resulting from utility power recovery. In addition, the T-Former operates in complete silence - solving noise and vibration problems inherent in existing products. This is increasingly important in highly populated areas where power supply devices are often mounted nearby the buildings. T-Former is designed to work on a wide range of temperatures and humidity without maintenance, at full power capacity.All Safecom's T-Formers undergo rigorous quality testing - with fully 100% of the units repeatedly tested. As a result, due to the confidence in the absolute quality of its products, Safecom declares a lifetime warranty for all its devices. 

Save on Capital & Operational Costs  

Lower Capital Cost per unit compared to traditional Ferro-resonant devices.
Lower Operating Costs Saves 7% energy compared to standard systems.
Longer Life Unique technology enables almost unlimited lifetime.
No Noise, No Vibration No environmental disturbance when installed on or near buildings.
Slow Start prevents fall of current breakers after power-out or during ignition.
Automatic Electronic Fuses prevent failure in the event of overload or short circuit.
Electronic fuse protector to each output.
Lightening Protected.
Closed Cabinet Installed with special bracket for hanging or shelf-lain mounting.
 NO RF Noise.

  Saving 7% energy cost and reducing carbon footprint.

T-former (safecom Patent P) Vs Ferro Transformer

Spec for US standard ( EU availbale).  




                       Efficiency (%)    
 Load (%)        T-Former    Typical Ferro      Energy  saving     Avarage   saving 
  12%      83%     63%         20%  
  20%      89%     75%         14%






  30%      91%     81%         10%
  40%      93%     83%         10%
  50%      94%     85.8%         8.2%
  60%      94%     87.6%         4.4%
  70%      94%     88.4%         4.6%
  80%      94%     89.4%         4.6%
  90%      94.3%     89.7%         4.6%
100%      94.7%     90%         4.7%  


T-former P.S ordering information.    

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