Deep fiber powering solution

DPS Powering Solution for Deep Fiber Networks   

A Next Generation Integrated DPS4 + Power Booster Improvement over Traditional Powering Architectures.The CATV network landscape is undergoing a rapid change as the demand for advanced services and bandwidth increases. In response to these market demands, service providers are seeking to upgrade traditional HFC networks to deep fiber networks. Power and power backup systems for these new deep fiber networks can be the most expensive items in your budget.  Especially relevant in these days of slow economic growth, Safecom provides cable operators with new technology that can avoid the major headaches of backup power systems and the wasted expense of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and batteries. This new technology enables CATV operators to use existing HFC coax platform for powering and full backup of the new deep fiber infrastructure. Safecom’s cost efficient solution for powering deep fiber networks uses DPS4 and a Power Booster which requires minimal installation time and no maintenance costs. Furthermore, for maximum performance and network reliability , DPS4 offers high availability, future-proof solution, while saving capital and operational expenses.    A traditional HFC configuration (see Figure 1) contains Fiber nodes, trunk amplifiers, and line extenders that are normally not needed after deployment of the new deep fiber network. This enormous investment in equipment that was made years ago will no longer be needed. Safecom’s advance powering backup solution for deep fiber networks, enables cable operators to use the existing coax infrastructure for powering backup of all active devices in the new network.    Safecom’s powering system design is based on power nodes feeding all optical receivers/transmitters via the existing coaxial network at a radius of up to 1km.

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