Optical & HFC Network


Safecom is leading a revolution in network powering solutions by offering advanced alternative technologies that saves millions on repeat network capital investment and maintenance costs.

Reduces Capital & Operational Costs.  
Improves Network Reliability. 
Rapid Return On Investment – less than 1 year.
Reduces Electricity Bill. 
Reduces Number of Street Cabinets.
Integrates with Existing Network.
Compact Size & Easy Installation. 

For over 20 years,the technologies enabling CATV network powering have essentially remained the same:Stand-by P.S (or UPS)based of Ferro-Resonant Transdormer that converts utility volatge and stabilzes it to 60V (Eyrope etc) or 90V (US),DC-AC inverter ,and batteries that provides network backup in case of power outages. However,all these traditional technologies have significant -and costly disadvantages.

The Cost of Traditional Devices Battery, UPS and generator-based power back-up is extremely expensive, calls for highly complex logistics, and often fails to guarantee the consistent level of backup required for network availability demanded in order to compete with the Telecom services. 

Ferro-resonant-based devices have multiple drawbacks. They are extremely power inefficient, they have limited working life, their voltage output has poor capacity to power over long distances (as indicated by their trapeze wave character), and they are extremely noisy.

Safecom's Solution for HFC Networks

Safecom offers CATV operators a comprehensive, proven powering and backup system based on its Dual Power Source version V5 (DPSv5)T-Former Power Supply and Power Booster.This integrated solution does away with the need for batteries and UPS for backup, and the DPS comes with an integral Line Power Inserter.

Safecom innovative powering solution takes advantage of utility grid redundancy. In the event of a power-out he company's 4th generation Double Power Source (DPS4) re-routes voltage from a live area into an outage area using existing coax cables as power lines (up to the allowed level of 60V/90V).

The Power Booster compensates for voltage loss over the network enabling power to be distributed over longer distances while keeping same voltage level as the remote area. Built to support the cost saving nature of the DPS topology, Power Booster reduces the number of power supply devices and street cabinets needed in the network. 

On the drawing, the amplifier is powered from ½ km upstream and the power fails at that location. We also have another power supply located a ½ km downstream, where there is no outage. The DPS then transfers power from the upstream supply to the downstream supply.

How the Safecom Solution Works?

In the event of a power failure, Dafecom's DPS4 redirects power from still active distant area of the grid, supplying alternative power into the affected area.       Where there is voltage drop of more than 10%, the fully compliant Power Booster compensates for the voltage drop at an efficacy of more than 95% so that no voltage change occurs and no deterioration of service signal is experienced.      By integrating the new Power Booster, Safecom's patented DPS4 solution recieves remote power from a significantly extended distance Increasing the powering area covered by power supply both in times of power outage and during regular service.

Thus the solution enables operators to:

-    Maximize network reliability.

-    Minimize the number of power supply devices deployed on the network.

-    Save energy costs by reducing energy loss on the coax cables.

To provide even more power to the network, Safecom offers a cost reducing, high efficiency power supply – the T-Former Technology.     Incorporating a patent-pending sine wave stabilizer technology, T-Former is a state of the art dual port non-standby power supply developed for the advanced operation of line amplifiers and other network critical devices in the CATV distribution system.   A 2-in-1 power supply that delivers almost double the lifetime of legacy ferro-resonant devices, and providing energy savings of at least 5% compared to standard products, the AC constant-voltage T-Former helps operators reduce network expenditure at capital as well as operational levels.  T-Former's advanced electronic controller automatically monitors and compensates for any changes to line voltage, eliminating any negative inrush current side effects resulting from utility power recovery.   In addition, T-Former devices each has individual automatic electronic fuses for overload and short-circuit protection, and they operate in complete silence - solving noise and vibration problems inherent in legacy Ferro-resonant products.    Safecom's powering system can be simply and swiftly integrated into any existing network.




Energy Efficiency

LOW maximum 85%

legacy Ferro-based power supply wastes energy to charge batteries

HIGH -  up to 95%

Innovative, patented high – efficiency power supply   and AC/AC conversion

Backup Time

SHORT – 2-4 hrs typical


Capital Costs

HIGH – and always needing replacement 

LOW long lifetime devices

1 Year ROI (typical)

Maintenance Costs

HIGH – and always increasing. 

NONE  – maintenance-free

Environmentally Friendly

NO – energy wasteful and toxic pollutants

YES – energy saving, eco-compliant composition

In addition to the dramatic reduction in capital equipment with ROI of less than 1 year ( see Safecom Business Case ) and ongoing maintenance costs, the system offers backup support for unlimited time during power outages, without the need to send generators and technicians. No maintenance is needed and the DPS4 carries a lifetime guarantee.           

Safecom's advanced HFC solution combines three unique elements that can be deployed as either stand alone devices or integrated into a complete unified solution. Both solutions enable a dramatic reduction in network powering Capital and Operations Expenses (CAPEX and OPEX):


Latest power management device with integrated dual power inserter & direct connection to Power Booster units.

Improved network reliability.
Removes the need to support networks with portable generators after batteries shut down.
Saves call center & service labor costs.
  Automatic disaster recovery protects MSO reputation. 

Power Booster

Complimentary element compensates for voltage drop over trunk coaxial or electrical cables in CATV system.

Minimizes number of power supply devices.
Increases network coverage.
Enables DPS4 backup over greater distances.  
Saves energy by minimizing wastage on the coax cables.

Innovative technology solution - replaces outdated Ferro-based  devices.

Prevents all failures caused by inrush current, short-circuit or over-load.
Unlimited life cycle.  
100 reliability.

Safecom offers the option of deploying two DPS4 units at local points, enabling power to be drawn either locally or from one of two at-distance points, giving triple grid back-up (fig.2). Such configurations minimize even more the possibility of power failure, pushing even higher the network reliability to comply with Bellcore requirements for local telephony services (99.9996%).

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