Business Case - Powering

In today's persevering competition Safecom offers CATV operators a simple and effective way to dramatically reduce both capital and operational expenses.    Constantly analyzing the costly problems that plague CATV networks, Safecom has developed unique patented technologies, integrated into a comprehensive solution and complete product line.     Safecom's innovative solutions deal with many of the network's resource draining problems, saving customers millions of dollars every year - while at the same time increasing network reliably and customer satisfaction.     With over 27 years experience in the field, Safecom devices have been repeatedly proven under the most demanding operational conditions.  


Powering has always been one the major network problems. Faulty operation of the huge number of power supply devices – often around 1 PS per 300 subscribers - causes real headaches for network maintenance teams, and increase the load on call centers.

Further, despite the huge investment operators make in battery backup, the problem just gets bigger. Backup time is extremely limited, and in most cases cannot support the network for the time it takes for utility power to return. Generators are costly to purchase, maintain and difficult to transport to the area of the powerout – especially when the faiure is due to bad weather or other climate situation.

In addition, there's poor backup system reliability due to the adverse effects of weather on battery performance - forcing operators to allocate additional budgets.

To improve on the poor reliability of the powering system, some operators even invest more on monitoring the system. But still the basic problems and disadvantages of battery-based backup system remain – just as they were twenty years ago.

Thanks to Safecom's groundbreaking powering system, the reliability of HFC networks can now meet Bellcore requirements for local telephony services (99.9996 %) and save enormous budget that can be allocated to develop and deploy new technologies and services.

Dealing with Disaster 

It is always a real disaster for cable professionals when the weather turns nasty and power supply fails – both for maintenance teams and in the customer call center.

Safecom's advanced technology power management solution replaces outdated battery-based backup and minimizes the high number of generators needed to support networks during powerouts with a modern, battery-free and maintenance-free solution that automatically moves power to outages areas from live grid or distance generators.

3-Fold Battery-Free Maintenance-Free Backup Solution

Safecom's innovative powering system combines the company's three breakthrough devices - DPS4, Power Booster & T-Former - with optional monitoring system. The result is an advanced integrated solution that offers CATV operators a highly efficient, maintenance-free powering and battery-free backup system.   


Giving full backup with the same 100% reliable grid redundancy schemes used by power utilities, Safecom's unique solution enables MSOs to treat existing coax as power cables, moving power from distance power grid to outage areas as needed. This is managed through the company's patented DPS4 devices.     

DPSV5 system Battery & UPS Generators
Backup Unlimited 2-4 Hours Long
Cost Low High High
Energy Cost Reduced High High
Maintenance None On-Going On-Going
Monitoring Integrated monitor interface Expensive and comlicated Expensive and coplicated
Sync Loss during outage. No sync loss Remote devices suffer sync loss Not online
Climate Affected. No Weather degraded performance No
Environmentally Friendly. No Power Consumption,No Acid Air Polluting & Hazardous Acid Air Polluting

Power Booster

The constant problem of voltage level drop from at-distance power source is solved by the patent pending Power Booster.

Power Booster's unique technology transforms dropping power supply back to original levels with efficacy of more than 95%.

At the same time these advanced devices deliver multiple benefits:                 

  • Increase powering area coverage.
  • Minimize the number of power supply devices needed to power the network.
  • Enable DPS4 backup over extended distances.
  • Save on costly energy by minimizing wastage on the coax cables.

Power Supply Devices

Over the past 40 years network powering was almost exclusively based on Ferro-resonant transformers that regulated output voltage to desired voltage (typically 60 in Europe and 87-90V in USA).  Unfortunately, outdated Ferro-resonant-based technology has a number of signifcant drawbacks.     Today, Safecom's patent pendingT-Former technology solves all these drawbacks of Ferro-resonant devices.(see attached table)    Safecom's highly efficient T-Former produce pure sinus voltage of more than 95% efficacy - and it operates without vibrations in complete silence.   The innovative T-Former comes equipped with inrush current protection and electronic fuses to prevent any possibility of fuse blow or circuit breaker down age.   


 Outdate Ferro-resonant P.S

 Innovative T-former  P.S

 Power efficiently

 About 85%



 Extremely noisy

 No noise

 Working life  Less than 7 years  Unlimited
 Voltage shape  Poor and not stable trapeze  ideal Sinus
 RF harmonic  High  Non
 Inrush Current  High  Non
 Fuse  Single use-Regular  Electronic fuses-unlimited use


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