New!! Power Booster + Surge protector 100KA

87V(US) ,60V(EU) -15A AC/AC stabilizer –Zero Crossing Technology & RF-Pass 5-1218MHZ
Minimize the number of Power Supplies in the network 
Increasing the powering area covered by power supply
100KA Surge Protection for active & passive devices

The patented power booster; a Passive & Standalone element solves the voltage drop problems in a CATV network caused by high-resistance and low energy efficient coax & electricity cables  

Utilizing breakthrough direct on-line zero crossing AC/AC stabilizing technology safecom's ensures an optimal voltage level to Optical Nodes & Line Amplifiers even if the source of power from a very long distance.

Increasing the distance between remote power sources leads to a reduction in the number of power insertion points across the network, less power supplies (especially under-loaded power supplies are unnecessary), less street cabinets and permits are needed and less flat fees to the utility company for each of the power supply (even if it was never used).

Supplement a massive 100KA Surge protection offering massive clamping performance to fast over voltage transients over RF coaxial &power cables. 

Power Booster & SPD integrated into one device
RED LED monitoring SPD functionality< 50% surge capability
Green LED Monitoring AC availability.
Protecting active & passive devices over the CATV networks
Combine SPD protection 100KA for both directions or divided 50KA to each direction separately
Improve HFC network survivability without the need to add more devices into the network
Supporting 2 x17A 90V  1, 1.2 GHz
Low cost
Easy to install


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