Power Protector - APC+SPD 140KA+IPM- New!!

 The latest Power Protection unit for CATV Networks enabling phase changer (APC) option for all type of Power Supplies & UPS + built in 140KA Surge suppressor for protecting P.S & active devices at the CATV network against electric surge from the electric utility system. This novel technology enables to monitor both the surge suppressor & phase changer by IP Monitoring. Second AC input port can be used for connecting the generator without the need to disconnect any power cable.

When using the generator, the IP monitor is able to notify the technician when the utility power returns for pickup at the generator outage site. Housing is designed for outdoor hanging or shelf-lain mounting inside closed Cabinets.

     Power Protector Model SC-SPC-SPD140KA-IPM Specification for USA market

60V europe CATV standard available.





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