"Clean up" the upstream band

 Clean up RF ingress noise, and watch your upstream bandwidth grow

Ingress & upstream RF noises are among the most critical threats that could interrupt the CMTC – Cable modem transmission - and thereby undermine the Cable TV Internet , telephone & VOD services, while damaging customer satisfaction. Such frequent and common RF interruptions can cause service downtime, and drive up bandwidth costs, lead to customer attrition, and eventually to severe financial losses.

Safecom offers Cable Operators practical and innovative solutions that increase the available upstream bandwidth, solve upstream RF noise problems, and drive operational efficiencies.

Preventing data loss is particularly important to companies in the Banking and Financial industries, as well as to Government Institutions and Online Content companies that require critical delivery of services over the Internet.  Improving network reliability enables Operators to expand their business opportunities and protect their brand.  

Patented Upstraem Noise Blocker : Fast , Low cost and most Reliable Technology.

·       Most effective in blocking Ingress & upstream RF noise (28dB) from a customer premises & office.

·       Rigorously enables Cable modems & Set Top boxes smooth operation with real-time response.

·       Minimizes customer downtime and increases upload speed.

·       No costly capital outlay as no hardware or software are required on customer premises , networks or headend.

·       Allows only legitimate upstream RF transmission to be processed to CMTS & Headend.

·       Eliminates the need to expand the upstream path and to extend Capital expenses for network upgrades.

·       Expands upstream DATA rates passed by the fiber node.

·       Proactively prevents problems, before customers complain .

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