Powering Design services


CATV operators are among the biggest power consumers in the telecommunication industry. As such, they are unintentional contributors  to global warming. As part of growing cooperate responsibility and in response to tightening environmental regulations, CATV operators are looking for more energy efficient and cost effective ways to reduce their energy consumption. Safecom is proud to be a pioneer of the CATV industry's commitment to meeting energy saving goals and reducing our collective carbon footprint.   The huge energy spending associated with thousands of old and inefficient Ferro P.S technology devices in cable networks can be saved by utilizing Safecom's high-efficiency, innovative powering products and design methods. Backed by almost 20 years experience of CATV network design, Safecom now offers  comprehensive engineering design services.   

  • Lower Costs, Smaller Eco-Footprints, Improved Compliance.

Our highly professional design services focus on improving network powering efficiency through the deployment and implementation of innovative new technologies based on patent pending non-Ferro P.S. Significantly reducing  power consumption, Safecom solutions lead to lower operational costs, reduced  carbon footprint and improved regulation compliance. 

 CATV Network Powering design includes several main tasks:

  • Optimizing the location of power supply units.  

Especially important in new plant  design, Safecom helps operators find the proper balance between the length of power feeding lines that waste energy  though  heating and result in voltage drops along the cable runs, and logistical and local authority restrictions on power site construction. 

  •  Minimizing the number of power supply units in the network.

Safecom solutions save on energy costs for the operator and bring additional environmental advantages. Using high efficiency (about 95%) power supply units like the patent pending T-Former serves these goals: Deploying cable voltage drop compensation devices such as Safecom's Power Booster adds to efficiency in some cases even eliminating the need to build additional power sites.

  • Choosing the correct power backup scheme.

Employing the advantages of our US and EP patented DPS) redundancy system our advanced solution minimizes the use of backup batteries.  To do so requires multiple factors to be taken into account such as existing loads, splitting loads between power supplies if needed, types and lengths of coaxial cables, the need for additional reliability ('triple' grids) and other variables.

  • Reducing current load & heat emission.

Integrating latest optimization methods, Safecom's unique, patent pending Power Booster enables powering designers  to decrease  even more the heating emissions from cables and increase the efficiency of HFC or optical networks.    

  • Comprehensive Design Services.

Safecom's comprehensive design services are accomplished with accurate and detailed documentation that includes  CAD drafting of strand maps, schematic diagrams, Bill of Materials and deployment plans.

In addition, Safecom also offer a full range of design services for optimal HFC optical and RF design.

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