Why not batteries and UPS

Battery-based backup systems are extremely expensive and require constant maintenance . It is estimated  that for every 1M home-passed the yearly maintenance cost is $1.7M US. That includes the periodic replacement of batteries and UPS, periodic technician visits for testing and maintenance, special storage and recycling processes, and more.    DPS on the other hand is maintenance free and has a lifetime guarantee.       By installing batteries, operators are looking to increase network reliability, especially when faced with increasing competition from Telcos. However, batteries, even if they are properly installed and maintained, cannot guarantee more than 4 hours of energy at best before you have to send the generator team (assuming the road is free). DPS & SYNEGY units can guarantee unlimited backup time without the need for generators.    Advantages of DPS4 /SYNERGY over Battery-UPS / Generator Backup

DPSV5 /SYNERGY System Batteries & UPS. Generators
Backup Unlimited 2-4 hours Long
Cost Low High High
Energy Cost Reduced High
Maintenance None On-going On-going
Monitoring Integrated Monitor Interface Expensive and Complicated integration Expensive and complicated
Environmentally Friendly No Power Consumption, No Acid Air Polluting & hazardous  Acids Air Polluting
Sync loss during power outage No sync loss Remote Devices Suffer sync loss Not online
Power Booster integration O.K None None


An inherent disadvantage of battery-based systems is its sensitivity to voltage interruption. When switching to alternative power, some of the remote, cascaded amplifiers may suffer from lost signal lost during switching (See diagram). The DPS is completely "online" and suffers no transfer effects or service interruption or signal loses.         Operating batteries at temperatures over 25°C, can cause them to lose approximately half their life for every 5°C average rise in operating temperature, assuming they are properly temperature-compensated, properly installed and maintained, and that the chargers are well thought out.   On the other hand, operating batteries atlow temperature reduces batteries capacity (Amp/Hr). To prevent this phenomenon, some operator uses heated cabinets, but these units in-turn, consume even more energy. 

Another issue of concern is monitoring ( or the lack of it) of the power backup system. There are some battery monitoring systems, but these are expensive, complex, and carry even greater costs. DPS can be smoothly integrated into any monitoring system and can send an indication of the voltage and current online. 








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