Power Inserter + Surge Protector 100KA

DPI–SPD, I ntegration of Dual Power inserter & Surge Protective Device represent a new development in Cable TV circuit protection capability .  

Supplement a massive 100KA Surge protection offering improved clamping performance to fast over voltage transients over RF coaxial & power cables .

Offer advanced surge protection for active and passive devices over coaxial cable at the HFC networks by integrating directly.

Dual PI also offers a way to connect two separate power sources into one coaxial cable via one inserting device. Saving the needs for additional PI ,and the double insertion loss when divides the load into two power sources.     


Strongest SPD for protecting HFC network & Coaxial cables (100KA) 
Power inserter & SPD integrated into one device.
RED LED monitoring SPD functionality (< 50% surge capability)
Green LED Monitoring AC availability
Protecting Active & passive devices over the HFC coaxial networks
Low cost.
Combine SPD protection 100KA for both directions or divided 50KA to each direction separately.
Improve HFC network survivability without the need to add more devices
Supporting 2 x17A 90Vac 
Easy to install .





ü        Input Voltage Taps (Vac)


ü        Input Frequency (Hz)


Current Pass(A)


Output Voltage Taps (Vac)


AC1 , AC2 Green LED Indication

 Surge Protection

Surge Protection – Varisitor

Surge Current 8/20 μS

10 SPD x 10KA

SPD Max Voltage Rating



Dimensions ( L , W , H ) mm

141 X 127 X 112

Weight (Kg/lbs)

1.5Kg /3.3L

Housing Finish (Corrosion protected )

White zinc


Operating Temperature

-40ºC ÷ +60 º C

Storage Temperature

-40ºC ÷ +70 º C

ü         Water proof +Humidity

Waterproof IPX8   + 0 ÷ 100% condensing

Standard Features

Output Coax socket

Power Indication Green /Red LED

SPD (< 50% surge capability) Indication /Red LED



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