SYNERGY-2 All in ONE Remote Backup Power Solution

Backup power for FTTC,FTTC,FTTB & FTTH networks with system that doesn’t need batteries to operate for unlimited time.

SYNERGY-2 was designed to provide unlimited backup power, without using batteries. Instead, it uses   alternative available remote powering sources in the cable TV plant. The internal Power Booster enables automatic recovery of the original voltage level from local or remote powering sources, thereby maintaining stable voltage levels.

FULL SYNERGY Unlimited Backup Power .
Internal POWER BOOSTER. (US PATENT 8,415,822)                
60/ 87V -15A AC/AC Stabilizer –Zero Crossing technology & RF-PASS 1.2GHz.
Dual Power Inserter build-in.
Optional DOCSIS Transponder for Online Monitoring the Voltage , Current & Status.
  • Passive, standalone element, life time operation & ONLINE (Zero Crossing patented technolgy). 15A 42-87Vac (US) / 15A 30-64Vac (EU),


SYNERGY-2 is a new ALL IN ONE power backup unit, which exploits Smart power Grid technologies for HFC and FTTC/ FTTH networks. Safecom's proven technology turns existing coax or power cable lines into a synergy backup powering grids that provide the ultimate low cost alternative to common UPS & battery.  Based on the strategic placing of intelligent power management devices throughout the network, in the event of a power outage Synergy-2 draws power from the remote available source over existing coax or power cables. By utilizing breakthrough Patented step-up & stabilizing voltage technologies the units provides original and optimal voltage levels – even over long distances.  This way SYNERGY-2 replaces the old and inefficient UPS & Battery backup, and helps Operators reduce capital and operational network expenditures.

Thanks to its exclusive power booster technology, the SYNERGY-2’s advanced electronic controller automatically monitors and compensates voltage drop through the cables.   it is designed to work at full power capacity in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels without requiring maintenance. Safecom's T-Formers undergo rigorous quality testing - 100% of the units are repeatedly tested.


•SYNERGY-2 unit presents new upgrades & improvements to previous models of DPSV5 units & Power Booster5G 

•Utilizes two safecom patented technologies for power management and AC-AC variable ratio step-up transformation. Provides ultimate voltage regulation to Local outputs port for pure sine voltage and for Ferro resonant P.S at all loads. 

•Line conditioning allows for changing gears at 0 time (“zero crossing”). This smooth online transformation between gears provides “clean” voltage transformation without any RF noise and insures optimal and stabilized voltage levels from local and remote P.S.  
•An additional new feature of the SYNERGY-2 is its soft and time delayed network startup, addressing the most serious problem of Ferro-based P.S: the inrush current. This innovative solution   controls the current level during start up and prevents any possibility of the circuit breaker closing down during startup or utility power interruption. 
•In addition, electronic overload protection protects the network and minimizes fuse blow when a momentary short circuit occurs.
•Safecom’s offer has the most efficient stabilized technology with almost 97% efficacy in a wide range of loads. It saves electricity, keeps the transformer and the electronic parts in cool condition, makes the unit reliable for unlimited lifetime use.
•The exclusive design of the toroidal transformer enables support of 87V-15A, while using a compact, light weight design.
•Using the voltage stabilizer capability for local or remote powering eliminates the need for stabilizing voltage such as FERRO P.S, This allows Operators to use non-Ferro transformers to supply power to the network, while increasing efficacy and further reducing cost.


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