UNB 28dB RF Noise Blocker+ 4 outputs

Safecom's ACTIVE DROP SPLITTER is a revolutionary , cost-effective RF noise suppression solution, based on the patented IngressGate™ technology. With ACTIVE Splitters, the upstream path is fully synchronized with cable modems and set-top boxes. This novel technology enables carriers to block the upstream path noise by 28dB, with no interruptions to real upstream signals, regardless of the distance from the modem, or the phase between noise sources.

Safecom’s Active Drop Splitters are based on typical drop splitters, but include 28dB upstream Noise blocker in one package. This ALL IN ONE solution helps technicians eliminate upstream noise simply by replacing common drop splitters or common opposite phase splitters with new, integrated drop splitters that come with proven 28dB upstream Noise blocker.

Powering can be easily connected to ACTIVE splitters from one of the output or input ports.

How does it work?

Safecom's IngressGate™ technology is based on the burst nature of the return path and the random presence of ingress or RF noise. The technology functions as an upstream gateway that allows carrier signals from customer premises into the network only when the home devices are actively transmitting. This mode of operation eliminates most of the ingress noise without any adverse effect on the upstream and downstream signals. Safecom's IngressGate™ technology supports DOCSIS 3.0, which requires switching speeds that are faster than 1.6 μS and ensures the most reliable and cost effective solution for upstream ingress noise.

ACTIVE DROP SPLITTERS replace common 2 or 4 way drop splitters or un-useful opposite phase indoor splitters. Once installed, almost all RF noise flow to the upstream will be automatically blocked without interrupting the upstream transmission.


Blocking upstream noise on the RFoG & HFC network using Safecom's Active Splitter & noise blocker allows designers to reach the highest levels of performance without expensive upgrades and without having to install special fiber optics components.


INGRESS GATE Technology : Open upstream only when Modem transmitting

Home Ingress detection and 6dB attenuation

Frequency Division

Upstream path to ON, OFF, or

6 dB attenuation


Very Low









Needs ingress detection system

Home (by customer or technician )

Home pass/ Network




No RF disconnections during installation.

Disconnect RF signal to large area during installation.

Disconnect RF signal to large area during installation.

Disconnect RF signal to large area during installation.

Broadcast continues during installation.


IngressGate™ Solution

Opposite Phase concept.


Operates as upstream gate that opens only when the modem transmits.

Opposite phase merging.



28 dB ingress isolation.


0- 6 dB only ingress reduction.


Based on the burst nature of the return path.

Assumes ingress noises are at the same phase or from the same source.



Solves and blocks all ingress noise from customer premises.

Cannot solve ingress problems from customer premises.







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