David Zilberberg, CEO  
Company founder and CEO, Mr. Zilberberg is an 24-year veteran of the dynamic cable industry. His wealth of experience includes designing and managing the installation of Israel's leading cable network. With several patents already registered and other patents pending, he is responsible for all the core technologies developed by Safecom and used extensively in Israel and elsewhere in the world. Mr. Zilberberg earned his B.Sc. from Israel's Holon institute of Technology.  


Ilan Friedman,  Director  Business Development.                    Mr. Friedman has 13 year significant experience in the telecom industry, particularly with cable companies, with which he’s built a strong network and to which he’s marketed several leading technologies with an extensive track record in sales and business development. His excellent industry contacts position him perfectly to build the company's long-term vision and execute its next-generation strategy.  His work includes marketing, sales, channel management, research, and more.  Ilan currently resides in Atlanta, GA.


Lev Karasik,  Network Design Manager.                                          Mr. Karasik joined Safecom in 2009 with responsibility for Network Powering Design and consulting, bring to the task an extensive 19 years experience in the design, deployment and development of Multiservice Cable Networks in Israel.  Mr. Karasik earned his M.Sc. from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia


Moshe Samuel, HTC Project leader of Power Supply Co-development.
Mr. Samuel brought to Safecom 20 years experience in the design and production of highly efficient and reliable powering systems from the defense and medical industries. Co-developing Safecom's advanced power supply technologies, he is responsible for the quality control and supervision of production, enabling the company to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.    Moshe has B.Sc in Electrical Engineering with over 25 years of experience at the power supply industry.


Qiming Jin, VP Quality Assurance & China operations. 
Mr. Jin is the manager of Safecom China's operations, with responsibility for all manufacturing, logistics, purchasing and quality assurance. His dedication has enabled Safecom to maintain the highest level of production and product quality throughout the years. Since 2002  Mr Jin  is working on the cable industry and CATV equipment. Over the years he established very good relationship with MSOs in North America, and cable operators across the world






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