SYNERGY-Quad CATV Backup Power

  The most advanced “ALL-IN-ONE” SYNERGY powering management solution, and unlimited backup for CATV plants . Exploiting Novel powering management system for all CATVnetworks. Safecom’s proven patented Powering technology provides total & unlimited backup time for all Optical nodes and amplifiers at the CATV plant, without having to depend on batteries and without the need for maintenance.

Based on the strategic powering star configuration, where the Central SYNERGY powering unit supports up to four remote Synergy or DPSv4 units throughout the network. Utilizing an integrated breakthrough AC/AC voltage stabilizer system (Patented Technology), which ensures optimal voltage even when feeding across very long distances.

One CENTRAL SYNERGY units supports 1 local node + 3 remote areas up to 60 or 87V -15A (Each Node). In addition every line is able to draw alternative power to feed local nodes from 3 all remote SYNERGY units.

Remote SYNERGY UNITS support 1 Local Nodes + 1 remote areas.

SYNERGY STAR Powering design + T-former P.S enable external power connections from one generator, to up to 5 locations, feeding 5 distant locations by using only one generator, thus guaranteeing network operation even when no power is available at any location in the network.

In this way SYNERGY power backup system eliminates the need for deploying and maintaining expensive batteries & UPS.

With the long legacy of DPS backup systems, beginning in 1994, the new SYNERGY powering backup system enables all powering options + voltage stabilizing in one low-cost set.

Safecom’s latest IP monitoring configuration enables monitoring of Power Supply & CENTRAL or REMOTH SYNERTGY UNITS using only one transponder. Computable IP monitoring is available for ONLINE measuring of current and voltage at all ports.

Network IP Monitoring – Further Cost Saving

Easily integrated with any advanced network management system, the SYNERGY in-built capability for online current & volatge measurement enables further cost reduction by predicting various problems in the network long before equipment failure.

Unstable current may indicate defective active devices, overheated power supply or corrupt contacts. All these costly conditions and others can be prevented with the new SYNERGY early detection system that uses a single IP monitoring connector for all ports

Reducing Network Capital & Operational Costs.
SYNERGY system replaces outdated battery and UPS with modern cost backup power technology solution.
Improved Network Reliability.
SYNERGY system ensures that there are no signal or data interruptions during utility power outages.
Unlimited Backup Time.
SYNERGY system offers unlimited backup time from up to 4 remote powering sources,as opposed to battery bavkup of up to 4 hours-often critical for remote location service.
Reducing Network Capital & Operational Costs.
SYNERGY system replaces outdated battery and UPS with modern cost reducing backup power technology solution.
Improved Disaster Recovery.
SYNERGY enable quad powering options ,while also helps operators minimize the number of generators needed to support the network by exploiting power from live areas or at-distance generators to outage area.
Fully Weatherproof for Enduring Use.
SYNERGY devices are completely unaffected by the weather, as opposed to batteries whose performance degrades greatly with temperatures changes.
Greater Energy Efficiency Reduces Electric Bills.
SYNERGY can reduce electricity bills by up to 15%.
Environmentally Friendly Solution.
Power and recycling cost saving with fewer batteries, all support efforts to reduce global warming CO2 pollution.
Rapid Return On Investment.
In less than one year operators can start saving maintenance expenses.
Less Street Cabinet.
SYNERGY system with less power insertion points that eliminates UPS and
  • Optional DOCSIS Transponder for Online Monitoring the Voltage , Current & Status.


Backup Powering using Safecom's powering solution allows Network designers to reach the highest levels of reliability and survivability without expensive UPS , Batteries and without any maintenance.  

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