Modular T-former PS/UPS

T-Former Modular , High - efficiency Power supply /ON LINE UPS. (Save on Capital & Operational Costs)

T-Former is an high- efficiency, non-standby power supply, specifically developed for the advanced operation of line amplifiers in CATV distribution systems. With around double the lifetime of legacy Ferro-resonant products, delivering energy savings of at least 5% energy compared to standard systems. Its modular design enables optional upgrade of the T-Former to UPS by adding compatible ONLINE DC-AC inverter /Charger . That helps operators reduce network expenditure at capital as well as operational levels.

  • Output power 1350 VA.
  • Output Current 15A 60,66,72,87 Vac (50,60Hz).
  • Based on proprietary AC/AC technology.
  • Modular design - additional (optional) inverter UPS.
  • Lower Capital Cost - per unit compared to traditional Ferro- resonant devices.
  • Lower Operating Costs- savings of at least 5% energy. compared to standard systems.
  • Docsis Monitoring Technologies
+ Longer Life.
unique technology enables almost unlimited lifetime.
+ No Noise, No Vibration.
no environmental disruptionswhen installed nearby building.
+ Slow Start.
prevents fall of current breaker after power-out or during ignition.
+ Automatic Electronic Fuses.
prevents failure in the event of overload or short circuit.


Lightening Protected.
power supply fully protected against lightning.
+ Overload Protection.
short circuit electronic protected.
+ Closed Cabinet Installed.
with special bracket for hanged or shelf-lain mounting.
+ Environmentally Friendly Solution.
Power and recycling cost saving with fewer batteries, all support efforts to reduce global warming CO2 pollution
+ Online 15A inverter compatible.
Easy and low cost conversion option to UPS.

Pure sine wave Patented technology

Typical load range

T-former P.S ordering information.

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